Monday, September 5, 2011

I finally got to pet a kangaroo this weekend!
It was so awesome to finally get out to a park and see all the Australian wildlife. I can't believe it's taken me this long to go. I had so much fun out there.

The park we went to was a reptile park with crocs, alligators, all the poisonous things I hope to never see outside of a cage and all the cuddly fuzzy aminals that make Australia famous, sorta. 

The roos hopped all over the park and emus wandered aimlessly around trying to not get pet by all the people.The roo here loved being scratched right on his jaw bone and we even kissed after a bit and then he left to go back to sleep in the roos sleeping area. 

Elsewhere in the park,  dingoes slept through the warm sunny day koalas eagerly waited for fresh eucalyptus to be put in their enclosures and Tasmanian Devils ran wildly around their park area looking for more food.

Elvis, the huge crocodile from Darwin, showed off his massive form as he was fed and led around his pond at showtime. They were training him to go around his water park, coming up in the middle of the water and snapping at the food dangling from the stick that the ranger was holding. They said he was 5 meters long and weighed so much. This picture really doesn't do him justice.

It was peaceful there and yet so busy as there was so much to see. There were families there to eat in the park with the roos and emus walking around, children running from place to place and lots of tourists and non-tourists.
As we were waiting for the Elvis to be fed I overheard a little girl point out to here mother that there were so many tourists there to see the animals. It was the funniest  thing in the world because she herself was being a tourist. All in all a great day!     -Dani