Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm giving up

So you know how when you tell yourself that you are going to do one thing and then you decide later that there is no point or logical reason as to why you told yourself you wanted to do what you decided to do? Well i'm right there with ya.
I decided before this trip that I was going to continue working out and staying fit and in shape. My roommate and I began to go running every now and again at our local park to "stay in shape." We have also been walking everywhere we go which  is good and keeps us in shape. But....we have been eating heaps of food with dessert at every single meal. There is  so much food to eat and and so many new things to try, that I have finally decided to forgo the constant worrying about not getting fat and gaining weight and to go all out. Eating all the food I haven't ever heard of, all the Tim Tams I want and not worry about anything. This is the time of my life and there's no need to waste one delicious morsel of it worrying about my figure. I'm going to follow Julia Roberts' footsteps and find my self not fitting into my jeans and going on a carb spree.

: D

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