Monday, October 17, 2011

Black Tie @ Bondi

Wow, its been a really long time since I have been here to write you guys about my adventures here in the land down unda. So much has gone on and I'm not sure where to start to catch you up, so it’s a good thing I have little reminders for me here in my computer.

 I'll start out by telling ya'll about the Sydney Flash mob that I got to be apart of that was pretty rad.

Its called Black Tie @ Bondi and the point was to dress up in really nice "black tie" attire and go to the beach and play in the sand and surf like its just another ordinary day. It was tons of fun. Myself and three other ASC kids were there along with a few Aussie guys and gals. 

It was such a blast to be out there in a dress, in the cold and wind and just play in the sand building sandcastles. There weren't that many people there from the facebook group as this was how it was organized and we thought there would be more than the two people that were there to start it off, so we set off to the beach and just had a blasti blast. Our group went down and began to build a sand castle with a moat and all, that was soon washed away by the surf and we were scared away by the numerous blue bottles there too. 
After that we decided to go for a beach run in our dresses. Anna and I were the only ones to actually run the length of the beach and when we got to the south wall we started to stretch out our muscles, it was a long run! And the other people that were there stretching from the real runs were all looking at us quite funny like, but I don't blame them, I was looking at them funny too, I mean why wouldn't you want to go for a nice run in your floor length prom type dress?! Ha 

So we got back to our little picnic and decided to burry Caleb in the sand and make him into a small person and then Alyssa and Katherine made him into Patrick Star. We then decided to gather up the new people and make a massive pyramid and this was fun and all too, but the best was the run down to the water and getting drenched in out suits and dresses. 

We all lined up on the beach,  and then ran full speed to the water and got fully drenched from head to toe. Now not all of the people there followed suit and I think that Anna, myself and Caleb were the only ones to get fully drenched in all our garb. We then came back to the beach, grouped up for pics and then headed off to find a shower and dry clothes.
 Oh what fun!

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