Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Raining!

So guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I finally made it safe and sound to Sydney and am about to meet my homestay family. After an almost 3 hour flight to LA which was rather boring but began late with possible engine trouble ( not to worry we made it alright),  I arrived to LAX and began the scavenger hunt for more Best Semester peeps. I found Lauren from New York, to begin with and we were on our own for about two hours until we finally decided to venture out and discover the rest of the food court in the small Tom Bradly check in area in hopes of finding more students. We soon found a quaint little group of them all quietly reading the books we had to read for homework. From there on out it was a sitting, waiting and searching  game until 8:30 that evening (local time) to meet up and get our tickets to go through security. Which we soon did and then found ourselves waiting again to board our plane, which was late also leaving the ground. The flight was long and boring as most are and I was unexpectedly very queezy and I think i was having a bout of motion sickness so after a very quick prayer in the bathroom returned to my seat and fell asleep up until the last two and half hours of the flight. I was very blessed. The ride to our touchdown was another matter. I think i"m still queezy from that. I now know that I WILL be taking Dramamine on my way home. Anyways....We're here at the school getting debriefed and are now waiting again to get picked up by our homestay families. Laters!

D :-)

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  1. I hope your are feeling better now Dani!! Being queezy on a plane is always the worst! Keep up the posting :) LOVE YOU!