Monday, July 25, 2011

Vegemite, Tea and Tim Tam Slams

So many of you will be wondering what on earth this post is talking about. Trust me I would be too, but not to worry I am about to explain everything.
Vegemite: the most interestingly salty junk that you will ever wish you hadn't tried just to say you tried it. It is some sort of yeast extract from meat, that Aussies put on toast. Everything you ever heard an American say about it is true. After both Kaylyn and I had our share of a nibble on some toast we promptly agreed it was terrible and thus confirmed our status as Americans and failed the test to see if we might possibly pass for Aussies. We failed miserably. I will however say try it just in case because there is not point in ever saying something is going to be awful if you have never tried it. Good luck!
Tea: for all you Texans out there reading this back home tea is not iced or full of sugar here. It is served hot in varying flavors usually with milk or sugar.
Tea: also called dinner for those of you living in the southern or from the southern part of Sydney. It gets rather confusing so you have to listen to your context clues you hopefully learned in English a long long time ago.
Tim Tam Slams: possibly the greatest invention ever.  Two chocolate biscuits (cookies) coated in more chocolate with chocolate or caramel or mint in the center. The slam part comes later, you get a nice steaming cup of tea or in my preference coffee and you take your Tim Tam and bite off the ends then while holding the Tim Tam stick one end in the beverage, using as a straw and once you get the drink melted through the center ( so your beverage actually reaches your lips through the cookie) you slam it all at once ( shove the whole thing in your mouth). Its sooooo wonderful. I'm probably coming home with ten packages of them.
D :-)

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  1. Bring me some home too and we'll sit together and have a tim tam slam party! And what did you do to your hair? I absolutely love it!!! and I love you too!! ~~ Sharon